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If you have flexibility with your move dates, then it is worthwhile to plan your move in Korea with some specifics in mind. This will allow you to understand market availability and demand so you can use these factors to your advantage.


Korea has public holidays throughout the year, a list of which can be found here. Take these holidays into account when moving since you may have limited access to banking on that day. You’ll need to coordinate with your landlord since the bulk of your housing deposit is usually due on move-in day. In addition, moving companies will charge a premium on these days (if they’re even available to help you at all), so plan your move to your next Korean apartment accordingly.

First Day of the Semester

Universities in Korea generally begin the first week of March and September, so large numbers of students are moving the weekend before. This means that every part-time, full-time, and contract mover with a pickup truck in the area will be scheduled to help students get set up in their new Korean apartment. With that, you’ll also notice that moving costs will be significantly higher. Traffic will be more congested, slowing down your move. Plan around these dates to cut down your costs and move time.

Winter and Summer

Most people prefer to move in spring and fall since the weather is milder and the move is easier. With that, the number of available houses will increase during those time periods. However, you will also have slightly less bargaining power since landlords will have more potential tenants. Summer is also a popular time to move, but it’s slightly less appealing since the scorching summer days can add to the stress of moving. Winter will generally have the lowest number of vacancies. People prefer not to move in the winter because of the cold temperatures that most of Korea experiences. In addition, moving can be difficult since snowfall can slow your move down or even bring it to a halt. Given the challenges associated with moving in the winter, landlords know that it’s tougher to fill vacancies from December to February. This will give you slightly more bargaining power with your next Korean apartment.

What to Move?

If you’re going from one unfurnished place to another, it can be a tough decision what to bring with you. Maybe you have a refrigerator and washing machine that you purchased but you aren’t sure if it’s worthwhile to take them. It’s best to call the moving companies for an estimate before you make the decision. If your new house is far away and you don’t have a close personal attachment to your appliances, consider selling them on Craigslist or a nearby second hand recycling store and purchasing a used one in the new area you’re moving to. Sometimes the total cost of moving your current appliances is more expensive than simply lightening your load and replacing them.

Now that you know the pros and cons of moving during the various times during the year, you can settle your move dates with confidence. Good luck and happy viewing!