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If you’re coming to Korea for a vacation or a short trip, you will notice that Airbnb in Seoul is often a better choice than smaller and pricier hotel rooms. Getting a room off of Airbnb in Seoul is an excellent option if you’re staying only a few days.

However, if you plan to come to visit for weeks or months at a time you’re better off getting a short term apartment rental. You’ll end up paying much less and possibly get a better apartment than you would off of Airbnb in Seoul.

The Korean housing system can seem like a mystery compared to your home country, so most people don’t attempt to look into these short term places on their own. However, if you are interested in having more control and saving some cash, then you should look into short-term Seoul apartments.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate the difference between getting a place off of Airbnb in Seoul and a short-term apartment. We will look at a studio room off of Airbnb in the Gangnam area and compare it to a fully furnished monthly rental short-term apartment using monthly rates (30 day month). These two places both have a kitchen and bathroom, are similar in quality, and are a 5 minute walk from each other.

As you can see in the comparisons, the monthly rental prices are significantly different. This is especially true if there are 2 guests, where the monthly costs for the Airbnb option are more than double.

Airbnb in Seoul is a great option for short-term stays, but for anything longer than 3 weeks it’s worth checking out short-term apartments. This will not only save you money, but also possibly get you a better quality place to stay.

To find these short-term apartments, the first step is to contact a real estate office in the area of Seoul that you want to stay and ask the agents if they have short-term rentals.