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Shanghai is a country where all investors want to go and earn as it resides huge potential in itself. It is the center of the world nowadays. People, businessman, students everyone is rushing towards Shanghai in order to make their carrier as a prospective one. As china becomes an open economy recently, and a very strong cultural influence, the natives have a problem of language with the outsiders.

And English being an international language becomes a pre-requisite of many of them who wants to get placed in MNC’s or other higher positions. There is much scope of English as people consider that as an essential element for higher paying jobs. So the demand for English tuition classes seems limitless.

Shanghai has plenty of jobs regarding English teaching. All the major schools and universities are hiring people with good command over general or business English. Many international schools have English as a compulsory subject in their curriculum.

Schools, institutions, colleges and universities all are equipped with proper and appropriate material like CDs, DVDs, books, tapes e.t.c. computer and internet services are also available. An English teacher has to perform various tasks including class presentations, leading English corners and duties as a teacher in order to coordinate with others at work.

Along with a teacher job in some school or university freelancing could also be an option. It is a great form as you have got the liberty of choosing your own work and you can adjust flexible time for yourself. You can decide how much to charge and what kind do students you want to teach. The minimum amount you can charge is RMB 150 (about $18) per hour.

Being an open economy, Shanghai offers a salary that range between RMB 4,000 to RMB 14,000 and up ($480 to $1,690-plus). As you move up, jobs require a teaching certificate. However, most of the schools are not concerned about the recognition of the certificates. But one has to decide first that whether he or she wants to be a career teacher or just taking the teaching profession for short term. If you are opting for short term then go for local training programs in Shanghai.

Only few schools are focusing on taking the advantage of international language rest others are more concerned with making big money rather than providing quality education. Before applying for a job just check out the schools website and ask the director to give you the contact address of the staff that is already working there just to give you a brief about the working environment there.

The package that offered may vary in terms of money as well as services. Some offer accommodation, airfare reimbursement, an end-of-contract bonus, and free Chinese language classes. Even if they are not willing to provide you accommodations but they will give you the contact details of real estate agents and will help you as much as they can.

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