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When opening a bank account in Thailand, ensure to do it at a Thai bank or a bank located within western Thailand that has an operation that can be relatively simple if you are able to produce all documents which will be required.

The complexity of the procedure varies of course depending on the bank and the type of account desired. Of course, possession of a permit to work things much easier but this is not essential. For savings accounts and accounts in foreign currency, your audience will generally accept a simple letter of recommendation from your embassy.

This account type is relatively easy to obtain even without a work permit. The minimum deposit is usually 500 THB to 1000 THB. Once opened, you will be given a debit card you can deposit and withdraw money from ATM (ATMs) and a booklet describing the history of account transactions (to update the counter or the distributor when you want an update on the status of your account).

If you hold a work permit, you will also have access to online banking as well as telephone support and can apply for a credit card that you will be issued under certain conditions (see the details with your bank).

Documents required for opening a savings account:

Passport with valid visa

Thailand Work permit (not necessarily required)

Letter of recommendation from your embassy in Thailand.

The current account in Thai baht

This account is much more difficult to obtain since a checkbook will be issued in addition to a credit card. No hope to open one without a work permit.

The deposit account in foreign currency

This account type allows foreigners to have a deposit in foreign currency directly to Thailand.

Company Account

To open a business account in Thailand, you definitely need all documents relating to the creation of your business and your passport, your visa and work permit.

You will understand, for an expatriate standard savings account in bath with his credit card and its book operations monitoring is the classic formula.

Cash withdrawals

The cash withdrawals are made from vending machines commonly known as ATM. A small fee may be levied if you withdraw in ATM competing banks or outside your home province.

At the counter, withdrawals may be made upon presentation of your passport.

The ceiling depends on the chosen bank.

Note: Keep a safe service contact manager statements of loss and theft of bank cards in order to react quickly to incidents.

Opening Hours

Banks are generally open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except holidays and vacation periods. Remember to check the schedules of your bank the day of the year you open your account.


Banks in Thailand do not use ID numbers but IBAN SWIFT code for managing international transfers.

As in the deadlines and fees deduction, depending on the bank you have chosen and the amounts transferred.

Other means at your disposal:

The international mandate

Western Union