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Hello Expats,

I’m an Aussie under 30 and I am looking to apply for the Working Holiday Visa to enable me to stay in Thailand for 12 months without the need for visa runs, and have several questions.

1. Will this visa allow me to take up volunteering while in Thailand?

2. Am I required to take up employment with a Thai business on this visa?

3. Do I have to have any/all my flights booked at the time of application?

4. How long does it generally take to process this type of visa?

The website states the processing time for this visa can take 1-1.5 months and I’m really hoping this is not the case. If it is, I would rather get the METV – would it be silly not to wait a bit longer for the former?

Looking forward to your responses!


It seems this visa is not common as I’ve been ridiculed many times this week for asking 😅

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