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The Nana Entertainment plaza is a go-go bar complex in the Nana area of Sukhumvit located on Soi 4. Nana Plaza is a three floored squared shape complex with a single entrance opening up to Soi 4. It is rumored to be the largest sex complex in the world according to Wikipedia. It is one of 3 main go-go bar areas in Bangkok along with Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

The history of Nana Entertainment Plaza dates back to the last 1970’s when it started out as a restaurant plaza. In 1982, the widening of Sukhumvit road forced the currently active go-go bars around Soi 16 to move their location suddenly. The handful of bars that moved into the plaza paved the way for other bars to follow. Over the next 25 years, bars slowly moved into the plaza taking it over entirely.

For those that have never experienced Nana Plaza before, expect the unexpected. The entranced is packed with grabby ladyboys, food carts and tourist. All walks of life from every country imaginable venture to this area to see what can be seen few places on earth.

Where to Drink in Nana Plaza

It goes without saying that people coming to Nana Plaza are coming to drink and go to the bars. With more than 30 bars to choose from we are introducing some of our favorites and most popular.

Upon entering the Plaza on the left side it is difficult to miss Lollipop. A great place to grab a beer and start off the night. Pro-tip: beers on the patio outside are just 90 baht. This is a great place to hang and people-watch before entering the nude area.

Rainbow 4 isn’t the biggest amongst the bars, but it may be the most popular. With probably the highest number of attractive girls and the most of them, it definitely draws a big crowd especially the Koreans and Japanese.

Choreographed shows can be found in some of the clubs for those that want a bit more entertainment value. The most popular is probably Angelwitch which also has another branch in Pattaya. Angelwitch has somewhat of a leather and whip theme and some of the shows are actually quite entertaining. Next door in Spankys they also have short shows including a shower in the middle the bar. On the third level Las Vegas has certainly put some effort into offering professional dance routines. Mocked after a Vegas casino, Las Vegas attempts to bring the glamour of Vegas to the Plaza.

Another interesting bar on the third floor of the plaza is Billboard. A very large space fully equipped with a rotating go-go stage and claims to have Bangkok’s biggest Jacuzzi. In the location that was formerly Hollywood Carousel, this updated bar has helped bring life back to the third floor.

For those of you looking for the truly unique, Nana Plaza takes the cake for ladyboy bars. On the ground floor is Obsession, a nice little bar where you will be really questioning if it’s possible for them to be so beautiful. On the third floor is Cascade, a large bar with a huge runway where aggressive ladyboy will work hard to sit with you.

Where to Eat at Nana Plaza

Clearly Nana Plaza isn’t known for its dining. The only popular and somewhat famous option is the Nana Burger sold right at the entrance of the Plaza. They usually sell these burgers pretty late into the night so you can use this as an excuse for why you want to go…. The Nana Burger is just so good! Also, there are some mean shawma options just outside. Both beef and chicken are delicious. We recommend buying more than 1.

Hotels near Nana Plaza

If your goal is to maximize every minute you can at Nana Plaza during your visit, we have come up with a list of hotels that are the closest to this venue. If an hour or two suffices for your “stay” there are several short time hotels within the plaza mainly on the third floor. We don’t list them but ask around and you are sure to find them.

For a longer stay of a whole night, the Nana Hotel is right across the street and also home to Nana Liquid Disco in case you are not done drinking at 2am. Another large size hotel is Rajah Hotel just up Soi 4 a little ways. Both Nana Hotel and Raja are pretty full service hotels and make for a nice place to stay.

For those of you that are funded by a Fortune 500 company, the JW Marriot is only a block away on Sukhumvit Soi 2 and is a top hotel even by Bangkok’s high standards. Cash in those points and impress the ladyboy of your dreams. Another very popular large hotel is the Landmark Hotel right around the corner on Sukhumvit Road. This hotel is absolutely massive with many shops and restaurants throughout.

The Dynasty Inn is certainly a popular option for those looking to indulge in the Nana Plaza fantasy world. Staying here will also gain you a free ride down to Pattaya to their other branch.

Some of the cheaper options up the street a bit are the Nana Royal Mansion, White Orchid and Nap Inn. All budget hotels within a 5 minute walk of Nana Plaza.

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