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Thong Lor is where Bangkok’s hipsters love to hang out. It’s an area frequented by hi-so Thais and also quite a few expats, both with a deft commitment to what’s trendy.

Thong Lor bustles with coffee shops, boutiques and the most modern of shopping malls. There is also a lot of upscale accommodation here, with a focus on the boutique and chic.

By night, Thong Lor is home to some of the flashier nightclubs and fine dining outlets. You’ll see people dressed to the nines, traipsing from one venue to the next.

Of course, looking this good comes with a price. This area is considered a touch more expensive than most, but with some of the best options for dining, clubbing and simply hanging out.

This area is easily connected via BTS Skytrain stop, Thong Lor.

Where to eat & drink in Thonglor

Thong Lor is famous for housing extravagant concept bars. That’s what draws a lot of the word of mouth.

All creatively designed by the same owner, Iron Fairies, Clouds and Fat Gut’z are simply beyond words. Each is completely unique and deserves its own explanations in our listings, but here’s just a taste – you’ll see everything from jars of fairy dust to Barbie dolls hanging from the ceilings.

These spots are more for a sit-down, lounging experience. If dancing is what you’re game for, there are many nightclubs and after-hours joints in Thong Lor which even play Thai pop and hiphop. Demo, Funky Villa and Muse are the trifecta of Thong Lor groove, all within a few steps from each other.

Now, there are always new hangouts popping up in this area and that’s part of its charm. The Catbird Seat is one of them, with a decadent view of the Thong Lor area and a cool interior. The Gossip is another, and this restaurant is from the same team that runs the popular Oskar Bistro on Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Thong Lor has no shortage of places to hang out and enjoy a hearty meal.

There is a lot of Italian, wine-bar concept spots if that’s what you’re into. Bacco is the most true-to-form choice, but there is also To Die For, Wine Republic, Wine o’clock and Wine me up.

Wine me up is in the Seen Space, a concept mall. But don’t think food court grub, this mall is actually filled with a lot of neat and unique restaurants. The other stand-out is Bon Chon Chicken, a Korean chicken chain with some of the best fried chicken this city has to offer.

Audrey Café & Bistro is a colonial, Victorian restaurant with a gorgeous interior and exterior. If possible, get here for afternoon tea.

Looking for something outside the box? Phuket Town is exactly where you want to be but get there early, the restaurant only has six-tables. It’s in a small character house-turned restaurant and offers a distinct menu of southern Thai cooking. For more of that local flavour, you’re next stop is 100 per cent Soul Food Mahanakorn. This is where you can find some of the best Thai taste in a fine dining space.

Now after all these big meals, one might crave something sweet. After You Dessert Bar offers any and every cake, ice cream and sweet you could imagine. Satisfying that sweet tooth here is a must!

Hotels in Thonglor

Thong Lor is known for posh long-term accommodation, but there are also many hotels here as well. Most tourists seem to gravitate to the Siam and Asoke areas, so in Thong Lor you might have an altogether different experience.

The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit is a new four-star hotel on Thong Lor Soi 1. Despite being away from the main tourist drag, there is actually a shuttle to BTS Station Nana so you won’t be missing much.

The Mini Hotel is as cute as a button, with only 29 rooms but a cozy and stylish experience. Another boutique option with more capacity is The Ei8ht, Thong Lor.

For a longer stay, consider the serviced apartments at Centre Point Sukhumvit Thong-Lo or the Somerset Sukhumvit Thong Lor.

The main attraction in Thong Lor is the hi-so way of life, with a wealth of sweet little coffee shops and novelty stores. However, if attractions are what you seek you shall also find.

The Museum of Thai Pharmacy is a free activity with lots of information about the birth of herbs and natural products.

There are also a few very well-known massage parlours in this area such as Leyana Day Spa and Garden and Hatthai Massage.

Face Cooking School could be a good way to spend an afternoon; they offer not only Thai cuisine classes but also Japanese and Indian.

Thong Lor boasts a lot of cute specialty shops on its walking streets. Most of them you will have to poke and prod your way around the area, but this could be a very enjoyable adventure.

For more easy navigation, try J Avenue. This is a swanky, four-story open air lifestyle mall. These shops cater to the Japanese crowd (as the “J” indicates).

Seen Space also has some options, but it’s known more for its restaurants than its shopping.

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