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My husband & I have medical insurance through his company group plan. The outpatient medical coverage is 12,000 RMB maximum per year (for both of us) and paid out at 80% of the cost of a visit/treatment.

Recently I had to go to see a general practitioner here in Shanghai and had a very small procedure done at the doctor’s clinic. This procedure would have cost approx. 1500-2000 RMB in my home country (New Zealand). I know this because I spoke to a person in NZ who works in the medical area. Here in Shanghai it cost 5,000RMB.

My questions are:

1. Is an 80% refund on out-patient visits normal or is 100% more usual?

2. Is the level the company is offering at 12,000 RMB (for two adults) realistic? I am heavily doubting it is after my initial “outing” into Shanghai medical costs.

Would really appreciate your comments on this as I have no idea – this is all so new to us.

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