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Hello all!

I moved to China June 2019 and I haven’t filed taxes since. I always assumed since I made under 50,000 USD annually I was exempt from filing, but now I realize that if you make over 9,300 USD annually, you are required to file. I’m getting ready to move back to the USA, and I want to square everything away with uncle sam.

I worked at a Swiss/Indian company and a Japanese company in China for one year each (the rest of the time was spent studying). I paid taxes in China at both companies (monthly), and I have the tax slip for the most recent job (Japanese company) but not the one previous.

My questions are:

1.Just how do I fill out the 1040 when I am unsure of how much I made annually? My company does not give me a sheet or anything that states my gross annual income etc… Can HR usually provide this information?

2. Exactly what files are necessary for filing taxes? I know there’s the 1040 and a bank one, but I heard the bank one is only necessary if you have over 10,000 USD in the bank account. Is this correct?

3. I don’t own any property or dividends (nor am I self employed). Since I pay taxes in China, this doesn’t mean I owe the US gov anything, correct?

4. I haven’t filed for almost three years—are there any repercussions or late fees? Can I avoid these somehow?

5. Is there an accountant I can use in China that won’t bankrupt me? Or do you think using an accountant in the USA to do this is feasible (as well as reasonably priced?). Can anyone recommend one?

Thank you, really freaking out about this!

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