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We’re thinking of moving to Shanghai for one or two years in the fall and are looking for advice about local schools for our kids. I have tried to read the threads here, but most of the commentary centers on the international schools. Have any of you had success with the local schools? How about problems? Can you recommend any particular local schools?

For reference, I have two kids, who will be 7 and 9 (second and fourth grade) next year. They speak Mandarin and are learning to read and write; they are roughly at grade level. (I’m not concerned about the English instruction they will get while we live in Shanghai because they are native speakers and well ahead of their peers.) The rationale of the move is for my kids to solidify their Chinese on a daily basis with Chinese kids, so the international schools don’t appeal. Do the local kids mostly speak Shanhainese outside of the classroom?

Given the comments here, I have one main concern: the rigidity/rigor of the local school system. I don’t like this approach to education for my kids but think it will not wilt them over just one year. How long is the school day? How much homework? Also, my kids are not Asian–are there bullying issues for such kids in local schools?

Are there other concerns I should have?

Last, I’ve heard the Taiwanese educational system is more progressive than the Chinese one. What Shanghai school is popular among Taiwanese expats?

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