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Many thanks to all of you for your helpful advice.

Hello, Ciwei. It’s encouraging to hear your success story! It sounds like a local school would be great for us, if my kids are up to speed in terms of reading and writing Chinese (I will need to have them evaluated.). The lockstep educational approach and all that homework don’t sound ideal, but it will only be for a year or two–and thanks for the heads-up on tutors: we’ll need one. Do you have any say in which local school your kid goes to or are they assigned automatically based on catchment areas? If there is choice, how did you go about it? What kind of school should we avoid?

Hi, Sbergman. My impression (from posts and websites) is that the Chinese track at SMIC would provide a better focus on Chinese than the Singapore school or Pinghe (they seem to have a special section for foreigners, which defeats the purpose for us, and it also seems to be boarding only). It’s a shame SMIC bans Chinese outside the classroom. Is your child in the English or Chinese track? How is his/her Chinese? Otherwise, how do you like the school?

Adam, do you plan on keeping your child at a local school after kindergarten?

Anyone else out there with kids in the Chinese track at SMIC? How is your child doing?

Best regards

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