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It has been close to 3 months since I started teaching English in a local Chinese school. As I don’t station there (I only go to the school twice a week when I have lessons) or kids studying in local school, I am not aware of their workload.

But besides academics and languag, I just want to comment on the emotional and cultural aspect.

Its a norm to see teachers pulling student’s ear and putting them down. If your kids have never experience it back in their own country. Please tell them don’t take it personlly. Its just the culture.

I believe many have heard that local students are very respectful and attentive in class (because they have to sit up straight with hands behind). But that is only half the story. This is only true when a teacher is around. But once behind the teacher’s back, they don’t talk, they generally “shout” to get their voice across. I guess they pick it up from their parents and teachers. And yes, teachers in my school shout alot.

I used to think like that when my daughter goes to primary school, I would send her to a local school. But after my experience, I think I will think twice.

But having said that, I still love my kids back in the local school. Its just that culturally, we are very different.

Then again, if you are staying around Gubei, you can perhaps visit Jian Qing Shi Yan School. It’s a very good school.

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