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I dunno, what is there to do there? We contemplated a move to Abu Dhabi just before the Shanghai offer came in, and in researching it it all seemed so dull. Go from your air conditioned apartment to the air conditioned mall, to the air conditioned club, whatever. It seemed safe, yeah, but very sterile.

Mind you I haven’t been, this was all based on conversations I had with people in London who’d lived there, and from internet research, but I couldn’t find any compelling thing to make me want to go, like, no adventure, no grit, nothing to really get excited about.

Shanghai may be many things, not all of them good to be sure, but I can honestly say it’s never boring, and being here has been a huge growth experience for all of us. I get that it’s all relative. I grew up in NYC in the 70’s and 80’s, the bad old good old days, so my tick list for what ‘good for families’ means is maybe a bit different.

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