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Thanks for the insight everyone. Very much appreciated.

Welshkiwi, I was feeling very bleak about it all until I read your post. My goodness! Your compound sounds amazing and you have made me think this is do-able. So I’m not going to write it off yet. Will probably be back and forth in here looking for more information. If we move, it will probably not be till 2021 but we need to give them an answer by September-October 2020. So thank you for your kind offer and I may be in contact in the next couple of months as I suspect before making the final decision I will do a quick trip to Shanghai to see it for myself. Would be great to catch up with some Aussies and hear first hand, their experience of life there with kids.

I’m heart-broken at the thought of leaving Dubai. Been here 2 years and not ready to say goodbye yet. It is such an interesting place. Look2me4guidance, if you have the opportunity to come to Dubai, I would absolutely take it – so much to do and see, both modern and traditional.

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