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I have used the Aetna planned through AmCham. Everything was covered as it claimed to be. The deductible wasn’t met that year because I wasn’t ill very often. I believe I saw the doctor twice in China and saw two doctors in the US. However, the claims process was easy (receipts had to be furnished to count towards the deductable). As for the speficis of that plan, I don’t really remember. It was all-inclusive, covered most types of doctors visits throughout the world and had a US limitation of 30 days in the hospital. Major medical, visits, emergency evacuation and repatriation were all part of the plan. Specialists were included. There were network and non-network doctors (really only applied for the US). Cost was roughtly USD3000 for the year.

Aetna is a very large insurer. I had no qualms about selecting their coverage.

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