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Great information, however there needs to be more clarification about actual coverage and allowances.

I once had an international medical insurance policy from the States.

Became injured on a remote jobsite ouside a third tier city.

This required xrays, bloodwork and stitches at the local hospital, paid cash.

Never received a reimbursement check.

So, will all hospitals/clinics here in China accept and provide treatment without payment?

Is it required to first get approval/pay bill – then submit any fapiaos to the respective insurance firms?

It would be helpful to all here if you could attach a PDF file or provide a company website which shows what is covered and/or the limits of standard procedures/fees.

What are the pre-existing condition terms, catastrophic coverage or disease restrictions?

Kindly identify the specific coverage if there are different plans, annual costs, deductables, co-pays, etc.