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MSH is probably one of the worst medical insurance in China…but it is cheap relative to other major players…

1. You are limited to which hospitals/clinics you can use. Better ones like Parkway, Shanghai United or Shanghai East, you have to co pay up to 30-50%, this is ridiculous.

Your choices will be limited, basically they dictate who you can go to…..

2. Touch wood, if you have a complicated problem that requires test like MRI/CT or hospitalization, they make life hard for you to claim as well, check whether you have a pre-existing problem. They may not even pre-authorize the test even if your doctor think it is warranted.

3. No doubt the premiums are cheap and they their marketing department is effective, this explains why most of the International schools from Concordia, Dulwich to Yew Chung has converted to MSH

4. Utter rubbish, no dental coverage with MSH, all other major players have the

If you have a choice, I will consider

a. Cigna-CMC

b. Aetna

c. AXA Mini metal