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I have changed several employers over the last 15 years and have been covered by different medical insurance companies used by different employers. Basically, the extend of the medical coverage including dental or not, is a function of the premiums you (or your company) pay and that essentially applies to most insurance companies. To me, what is most important is whether the insurance companies provides direct billing arrangement with any of the local hospital or international clinics, cuz it’s always a pain having to pay the medical bills first and then fill-in the forms and mail it to the isurance companies for reimbursement.

I have not been covered by MSH before so I can’t tell you how good or how bad it is. But I can certainly tell you that I was once covered by InterGlobal and they are the worst medical insurer I’ve come across. Extremely poor customer service, unable to get through to their hotlines and took a very long time to reimburse my medical expenses…Avoid Inter Global…

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