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You need to look at what insurance covers. Just because you have some, it doesn’t make it comprehensive and cover out patient (ie going to the doctor because you cut your knee, got the flu.) Unless your company or you are paying a decent sized premium you aren’t getting this coverage.

Travel Insurance is a great example of that – there will be a general lack of coverage for anything short of in-patient. In patient means something serious enough to force you to stay overnight and be admitted to hospital. If you aren’t admitted, then chances are you won’t get a refund. Even breaking your foot and getting it x-rayed and put in a cast wouldn’t be covered (and all the associated costs) potentially because you weren’t admitted.

International health insurance is not subsidized by any government, and it is a profit orientated company like any other, so the premiums on average have to more than compensate for the out-goings otherwise they go broke. Some people expect to pay $2,000 and charge their insurance company $5,000 every year for small bits and pieces. That’s naive and won’t happen.

You therefore get what you pay for. Pay little premium, get little coverage.

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