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Dear all my expat friends currently residing and working in Thailand.

If you are buying a package of health insurance, don’t miss reading this.

Thailand has a section of law about insurance and life insurance. To simply say it, all the life insurance companies in Thailand can only issue insurance policies to only those who has work permits and have live at least 180 days in Thailand. Keep this in mind. If your life insurance agents who are servicing you have not mentioned anything about your work permit, ask them immediately otherwise your policies will later become automatically voidable. This means that you are totally unprotected and the premium you have paid means nothing.

Additionally, Insurance and Life Insurance Act also says things about the language of policies. It simply elaborate, all the life insurance policies issued in the country will be TOTALLY in Thai. Bilingual version or translated version of policies are not available. Therefore, always procure life insurance (and health insurance) with agents who understand English well; especially technical / legal contract / insurance English. Presenting policies with Google Translate is definitely unacceptable, unprofessional, and extremely dangerous for your own benefits.

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