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Dear expats and nomads,

I have been living on and off in Thailand for around 5 years on a variation of tourist and education visas. 

On a recent visa trip from Vietnam the airport immigration officer at DMK airport took me into the office and told me that I have been in Thailand too long and would be sent back to Vietnam. 

I receive my income in the USA which I then send to my Thai bank account for living expenses.

After some discussion with the immigration officer without going into too much detail, I had to pay him 5000 BHT to be allowed entry into Thailand this time and was told to get the correct visa next time.

At first I thought it was crazy that I had just been bribed by the immigration officer for 5000 BHT to enter into Thailand but it’s actually still cheaper than buying the Elite Visa.

I am still now actually considering the Thai Elite Visa but curious if this is going to lead to anymore troubles in the future or possible denial of entry on other basis of health insurance or anything else?

I work at home online running my own USA based websites, I don’t want this to be later considered as working illegally without a work visa. 

500,000 THB for the Elite Visa I feel is a acceptable price if it’s removed all the headaches but I also recently hear about people with elite Visa still getting fines for TM30 and now we have the Covid-19 situation.

Should I wait for the elite visa or get it quickly? Any tips on the pros and cons would be much appreciated.