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43 minutes ago, woshiweideren said:

5 Years X 2900 = 14,500 USD X 6.22 = 90,190

You should have just banked the money. Why could you possibly need more than 90k for emergency treatment in China? If it is very bad, go to Parkway or United Family, get stabilised, and then medivac you to Seoul, Tokyo, HK or home.

I know people who are spending 2/3000 RMB a month for lifesaving cancer treatment for their mother. To them that is a huge expense, but to you that’s close to your monthly insurance and that’s for CANCER.

You can fly to Bangkok and get a quadruple bypass for $14k USD.

I don’t think you are seeing the full picture here. There is a huge disparity in price and service levels between local hospitals and international hospitals in China.

If you want coverage that only includes Chinese local hospitals, about 3,000 – 5,000 will get you good coverage. It’s cheap because treatment is cheap, so claims are low.

If you know somebody spending 2-3,000 for cancer treatment it must be in a local hospital.

But I know of very few expats who would be happy with local services.

As well as language issues, there are privacy issues, quality of care issues, hygiene, culture etc.

If you want to be covered in China so as you can visit expat hospitals (as well as emergency coverage overseas), the very minimum is about 15-20k, up to 40-50k for really gold-standard plans.

It’s expensive because potential claims could be very high.

For example I know a guy who injured his knee playing football, got operated in United Family, bill was something like 160,000, outrageously expensive, but he was insured so why not?

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