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Firstly, Parkway or United Family will not stabilize you, they want nothing to do with patients who are in dire straights, they will send you to somewhere like Shanghai East instead.

Secondly, do you have any idea how much medivac costs? Any kind of lung problems and they will not let you fly unless it is in a pressurised plane.

We were told it would cost roughly $400k for such a plane.

I have seen the standard of local ICU care here. I have seen how they treat patients.

I have seen an old woman tied to a bed with a tube down her throat, frantically waving at the nurse for help because she is vomiting. I have then been told by the nurse that I ran to to “ignore her because she is ‘bu hao'”. She died the following day. They knew this was likely and obviously just couldn’t be arsed giving a crap anymore and so left her in a corner to die, probably choking on her own vomit whilst tied down like a dog.

I have seen the MRSA beds interspersed amongst the normal beds whilst the nurses go from one to the next without even a hint of care for hygiene. I have seen dead patients shoved to one side in a corridor whilst the family huddles around them grieving. I would rather shoot myself in the head than be ‘cared for’ here.

If you don’t have the money, you will be on that ward, you won’t be in a private room, you will be surrounded by sick, disease ridden people. You will be fed the same **** that the toilet cleaners get fed (rice and some questionable gutter oil laden gloop).

Question… if you are comatose, who has access to your money to pay the bills? Do you know what happens if you can’t pay? You are thrown out.

You do not want to be here if something goes seriously wrong.

Unless you have a huge wad of cash stashed away somewhere, you probably will not be able to afford Medivac, or the “stabilising treatment” at an international clinic.

Anyone that believe that the “x amount they put aside each year that they would have spent on premiums” will cover even a fraction of a serious medical bill is an absolute idiot. Anyone who would put themselves in a position where they may end up in a Chinese ICU is an idiot.

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