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You seem to misunderstand completely.

I have first hand experience of ’emergency care without insurance’. I am not talking a broken leg, that isn’t exactly ’emergency medical care’. I am talking about “oh **** the **** has hit the fan and there is no insurance”. I am talking life or death (in this case death). I am talking ICU. You end up in an ICU situation and you will be in a chinese clinic. If you know it will be a short stay you can get a “private room”, but what happens when the doctor tells you “it may be months….”, then what?. If you do not have insurance then you will be on the ward. I mentioned nothing about UF whatsoever.

Sure you can do “chinese ICU on the cheap”, and it will be exactly as I described. Re-read my post.

You are also assuming that you can fly. Don’t take that for granted.

Lets hope you are never in the position where you are faced with a loved one dying, or potential bankruptcy to keep them alive. But hey, that **** never happens, right?

You’re a **** moron who is too lazy to read and too full of themselves to actually listen.

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