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At United I have sometimes met the issues that a procedure was deemed to be over 5/6K at which point the billing department comes to inform you that it needs to be pre-approved by your insurance company.

I was only able to do the procedure on that day as i was travelling the following weeks, they said i could pay with my credit card but i refused to do that so doctor and billing department spoke some machine-gun Shanghainese and all of a sudden the bill came to 4920 RMB which was then covered by my direct billing.

Surely not complaining but just amazed at how flexible they are with prices. Also once needed an MRI and was told it would cost 12500 RMB obviously needed pre-approval again was denied this time as herniated discs were deemed a chronic condition with no cure??? Went to a local hospital for just the MRI and had to pay 1000 RMB then went back to United with the results…

As long as i have insurance i will keep going there but rates have been going up steadily over the years….

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