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No, the point is that if you are in Asia/China and earn even a good ESL salary, and you fullpats better have this much saved up after two months or you cannot budget, you can save up the money for heart surgery or being mended after a horrific auto accident. Save for one or two years and you can self pay anything that will happen to you.


Even a low level ESL teacher can save $10k USD and that pays for anything. You MNC’s can self pay for anything – again, provided you don’t pay USA rip off prices that are keyed off your insurance plan which is why they ask for your insurance first. To see what they can maximum charge you for. Happens in the USA as well.

If you end up paralysed and a quadrapalegic, then back home you go – but short of that you can pay it yourself.

Then there is the issue of accepting that you aren’t entitled to millions of euros of care just so that you live, but that’s another thread…

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