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Let me rephrase that a little. It’s easy to see the good side and ignore the huge environmental problems in China if you don’t have access to the facts and figures.

Unfortunately I do, as I have worked in the environmental business in China for 13 years until I left last year as I was concerned about the effect of pollution (of various sorts) on my young child. Not an opinion formed by looking out of the window but formed on the basis of hard evidence of years of hard data.

And you’re basing your opinion of tap water quality based on…..?

Both the treatment systems and the distribution networks in Shanghai are inadequate and the tap water contains heavy metals on a regular basis together with a number of other things you would not want to consume. Boiling does nothing except kill bacteria of which there are few in the tap water as it is chlorinated to death. Boiling just gives a false sense of security.

Long Short Story.

Do your research and if after doing so you still think its a good idea to expose kids to the environment then you haven’t done your research properly.

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