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I recently met with financial professional advisor in my office. I was told this product best in marketplace.

Does any knows about this policy ? It’s called the Generali Vision.

Some points are unclear to me, because english is not my first language. I want to sign the deal before i go home for holiday, but don’t understand something, especially:

“The first 100% of regular premium unit allocations during the initial period are set aside in order to fund the administration fees due over the duration of the premium payment term. The exact period for this funding is shown on the Policy Statement and depends on the premium payment term of your policy.”

–> What does mean ???

I was explained have really good bonus right now and that I must maintain investment for 23 months, aftwarards I can withdrawal savings. I was told must act fast, or else will lose out. So i Hope can have fast response from helpful person.

Thanks for helping!


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