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Holy crap, are you serious? OK, yes I’m serious. I ate Thai food from the street all this weekend. I know that I’ve posted before about not eating for you can run into serious problems with your tummy but I have to let you know that all weekend long, not one meal was from a pub or restaurant. Yep, street food.

Now I’m usually at McDonalds a few times during the month because I just need some reliable quick food but I decided that I was going to venture out and really do some damage to my tummy and I was slightly shocked when it all stayed down and digested properly! HAHA

On Friday, I started out with some grilled chicken on a stick. Some call it Satay, I just call it grilled chicken. I see my mototaxi guy eating this all the time and I’ve asked him if it’s safe to eat and not surprising he said it was fine. So, I tried it. I was checking out the grill the whole time wondering if the vendor had ever cleaned it. That was clearly a huge NO! Anyway, it was pretty good. I can usually start to tell if something is going to go bad in my tummy for I start to gear a gurgling sound. This is a sure fire way to know that I’m about to be asking people for Hong Nom, which means toilet. But no gurgling and no need for the nom.

On, Saturday morning, I decided to hit a noodle stall. I had some weird looking red curry. Not only was my mouth on fire for like an hour after, the taste was absolutely disgusting. I will never hit that stall again. But, to my surprise, it stayed down. That afternoon I hit a Tom Yum stall. That was OK too. Although what appeared to be chicken was pork. I’m sure the way it was cooked would have most farangs wondering about it. Either way, it stayed down.

Saturday night, I went to a club down on Sukhumvit road and while at the club, I had, what appeared to be a very large hot dog. Now most Americans would think this was a hot dog but honestly, I have no idea what it was. Some type of sausage on a big piece of bread. Now, 20 minutes after that went down, the gurgling started. Now to my delight, that went away. Not sure if my tummy has acclimated to the food or if it was just a way for my tummy to let me know to slow down on the Thai food from the street.

Sunday was a good day as well. Not too much of a problem. Had some chicken and rice to give my tummy a break from the shocking street food this weekend. Either way, I was prepared. I had tums in my pocket ready to go.

So, in the end, things faired pretty well. I don’t recommend eating street food all the time. I do have some friends that have gotten some pretty bad stomach problems but I think every once in a while you need to venture out and act like a local…

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