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Now this is funny. Lately, when I talk to my friends and family back home about going to get a massage, they always laugh at me. The mere word “Massage” conjures up behind the back giggles and raised eyebrows but seriously people. Have you ever had a really “Good” Thai massage? You can’t travel Thailand without one!

If you travel down Sukhumvit road going towards the river you can turn left (Sai) on Soi 19. This is where Robinsons is on the left. Travel about 65 yards and you’ll come across the best foot massage in town. The name alone will draw your attention. It’s on the right side of the street directly across from Robinsons side entrance.

There are usually some pretty Thai girls sitting outside yelling at the farangs “You want massage?”. So, it’s hard NOT to notice it. The first thought that comes to peoples minds is that it’s more of an adult establishment but it’s quite the opposite. It’s a really nice foot massage parlor. Now, can you get the other? I don’t know. I’ve never been there at night and not one of the Thai girls even asked me about anything other than a Thai massage.

Now this is a great massage. Not only do they give your feet the kung fu works but they massage your back and your neck and your head and your hands all at the same time. It’s a freaking smorgusborg of reliefs for your body. I prefer these to the lay down massages because I will fall asleep during a regular Thai massage. Literally, I will fall asleep snoring and all.

There is also a nice foot massage place in Patong beach, Phuket. Not sure what the name of it is but it’s on the strip right next to the Beach Resortel on the water. You see the Thai girls all with Yellow T-shirts on. Big windows and lots of chairs. Good foot massage.

Anyway, you can’t be in Thailand unless you get a real Thai massage. Not one like some of you may be laughing about now but a real one.

Me massage feet long time!

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