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Now that is funny. My 7 year old cousin asked me yesterday what a tuk-tuk was and I about fell over laughing. It was the funniest thing for a little kid to be asking me that.

Not so much the word but how she said it. She said it more like Tik-Tik. Ahhh, the lovely Tuk-Tuk.

For those of you that don’t know what a tuk-tuk is, it’s that 3 wheel joy they call a taxi. They are all over Thailand and if you travel Thailand, you’ve probably been in one, or two.

They are fun the first couple times but they start to annoy you after a while. With all the sucking in of Bangkok smog and the aggressive “100 baht anywhere” ride. Tuk-Tuks get their name from the sound the engine makes while idling at stop signs or red lights.

To me they sound nothing like that but that is how they got there name.

These things will weave in and out of traffic and down right scare the crap out of you.

Tuk-tuk these days are good for about one or two rides unless you are in Patong Beach down in Phuket.

They are good and reliable ways of getting from point A to point B.

All the Tuk-Tuks that I get into down in Patong are not trying to scam me.

Not like their Bangkok counterparts that want to take me shopping claiming that they get free gas. Nope, not true.

They get money. So, don’t fall for the Tuk-Tuk scam in Bangkok.

Always agree on where you are going before you get into a Tuk-Tuk or a taxi. Try taking the Skytrain BTS or the regular taxi.

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