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Property. First it will depend on your budget?

You can buy from $50.000 to $5,000,000 USD or more.

Location will depend very much on where you want to live?

Central business district of Bangkok from say Ekakami to Siam Paragon, which is basically Sukhumvit – Pleonchit Rd has a choice of everything.

The important part to note is: Once you are there how do you get around?

On average per set of traffic lights one will wait 10-15 minutes so if you had to cross 4 sets of lights an hour is quite feasible, on the other hand if you had travelled by the overhead railway (BTS) then 5 – 10 minutes for the same journey.

Therefore if the BTS is a must, then the apartment should be very close by as walking around in either heat or rain is no fun.

If it is at Sukhumvit – Pleonchit between Ekakami and Siam Paragon it is easy to research as the BTS stops at both locations, about 3 miles

between each other.

Taxis are plentiful when it is dry, but much more difficult to catch at peak hours when it is raining.

All the pubs, bars, hot spots are near or next to the BTS.

Alternatively apartments on the river are very nice with plentiful of river traffic and atmosphere to follow all day, a taxi or car is needed to get around or at the least to the BTS.

Take a small calculator with you and study the sq meter price 120.000 THB a sq meter should be your target price but 130,000 to 220,000 is

sold on hype with named apartments at the top end. You should be careful with the latter as they maybe

difficult to sell until prices catch up.

There is a book you can buy from Asia Book stores with all the apartments including contact details and location maps, there is also

a Thai magazine A3 size with a green outer cover full of property ads, but it is all in Thai.

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