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You can definitely find short term rentals in Shanghai.. don’t listen to the other BS.

You have several options

1. Look under expat sites looking for roomates, such as Craig’s List for Shanghai. You might even be able to line up something through couchsurfing or look into staying at a Hostel like the International Youth Hostel

2. You can stay in a serviced apartment, which are hotel style rooms and some have a kitchenette so you can also cook at home.

* I know plenty of people that have found short term rentals in Shanghai or rented out someone’s extra bedroom for several months. I’m also going to be looking into these options as I will be back in Shanghai for the summer. Do NOT go to an agent, they will only try to get you into a 1 year deal, get a big deposit, and rip you off. Any agent who says after a few months they can then rent it out to someone else and return the rest of your money is just blowing smoke up your ass. They get no benefit from this and frankly will say anything just to get you to rent the place and pull in their commission. Just get busy and scan through all the China specific classified ads. It’s not easy, but you’ll find what you are looking for.

All about money issue :

The agent is fine ,at least they could do something for you,that`why they need to charge you fee.they put these fake pics online just want to attract your eyes ,you need to go and check personally .

But the key point is you need to tell them your requirements such as short term rental ,then they can search it according to your needs .because the landlord they need to pay the agency fee ,too, for them if they just rent out for short time means they have to pay the fee again after 4 month(no one want to spend the same money just for short term you know) .but you can ask the agency for help you to rent the house out again after 4 month just need you to pay them the fee again.

you can also search online like smartsh and craigslit, most house there are big and well-decorated but also expensive ,so if you think it`s worthwhile ,that`s will be good ,but there are also many agencies who post the house there (if you don`t like agency,be attention)

all in all,Looking for a house is not that easy ,I am now also working on it ,but wish you good luck!

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