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I was scanning the porn channels on satellite TV, like I often do when working, and I came across a movie which had my mate’s wife in.

At first I wasn’t sure. The movie was one of those 12 boys meet 12 guys and play silly sex games. She was younger in the movie and she didn’t have a big role in the movie. However she used her proper first name and when she spoke it was her voice and manner of speaking.

She didn’t do anything heavy in it – gave some guy a blow job for losing a ‘get naked’ race.

I’m 100% never ever gonna tell my mate. he’s happily married, they have one child and are expecting another in September.

Even though I don’t like the woman, i am not gonna mention it to anyone.

Believe me, you would think that she would be the last person to do such a thing (it was obviously during her college days).

However when you go into your local video shop next time, go check out the thousands of AV videos. Times that by ten and you probably have some grasp of the number of young Japanese women involved in

the AV industry. One of then could have been your better half!

By the way she gave a great blow job in the video.

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