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Couple ( I asume you mean in international couple) wants to divorce, its by mutual consent, you have an amicable separation of assets you can sign the papers at the city office and be divorced almost straight away. Squabbles over matrimonial property, property and cash assets will drag in lawyers and it will cost you in lawyers fees.

Male wants to divorce: will depend on the reason but the wife may choose to contest the decision in court so you have court fees to pay. Count on a couple of years winding through the court system. you may also be asked to pay her some kind of compensation and or possible living expenses, based on length of the relationship, need, husbands income, what she needs to live on etc.

Wife wants to divorce, again will depend on the reason (husbands adultery, gambling etc) but remember in most cases women come off worse financially after a divorce due to loss of income, and reduced earning power (unless she has been working and has her own means of supporting herself) . No idea about what she can expect to get from husband or what it will cost her.