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I am surprised to see the replys, but thanks!

Yeah it is a long crapy story and one that I have told a few too many times. But here goes…

Ever since I got to Nagoya to live here with my wife, things have been really ____y. She has been lying to me about buying stuff that we can’t afford, “working” all the time, basicly cutting me out of her life, treating me like a huge pain in her ass and I found out that she cheated on me.

I mean we have only been married for like 8mths and she has lied to me about everything and cheated!

To top it all off she acts like nothing is wrong, still to this day treats me like ____. oh yeah and we basicly never have sex.

It’s all bull, and i feel nothing for her now, too many lies too many times…

Anyway, I want to stay here and experience living in a different country so any ideas

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