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Just now, TommyB said:

Interesting stuff here, never had much interest in getting married but after reading this post, I definitely will not get married to a Japanese woman. Though I think they are hot, I dont want to deal with the cultural baggage that is looks like most people face. I will stick with looking for random evenings with language exchange hoes.

you miss the point totally. There is a world of difference between having a job, working in Japan and enjoying multiple short-term relationships with local ladies, and moving to a country of which you know next to nothing, being totally dependent on one person and seeking work with no experience or relevant qualifications.

There are many similar posts on this forum from “young men in love”, who followed their hormones and came to Japan, unprepared, and incapable of any job other than English conversation school, and found themselves out on a limb after a few years. /profile/188-gregxj/?do=hovercard” data-mentionid=”188″ href=”<___base_url___>/profile/188-gregxj/” rel=””>>@GregXJ is relatively lucky that is has happened so soon, he can still extricate and find himself again. He also has a sympathetic ear from many here.

As a final thought, I wonder what precipitates the woman to behave like this? Do they become rapidly disappointed with their man sitting around the house, unable to utter more than a few coherent sentences. Do they lose patience, when they hear all complaining about their country, but the much dreamed of or assumed easy job never appears and they are contributing little to the household.

Whilst there is no excuse for cheating, the dynamics of the situation are not so simple, and maybe both parties should look closely at their expectations and behaviour, and the reality.

And remember, karma is not just about the past, present and future, it is also about the moment.

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