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Thankfully not an American, but, alas, Canadians share some similarities. Here are a few reasons for staying here off the top of my head and in TJ Random order. I like the fact that not every third person in my field of view here is a whale. I like that I can eat good food here easily without having to tip. I love not seeing ill-conceived, boring tattoos. I like hopping on a train and being in onsen country in relatively short order. I like renting dvds for 80 yen. I like ordering something on Amazon, etc. and often receiving it within 2 days. I like the deliberate quirkiness of some of Japanese. I like that 95% of punks and idiots, when confronted, actually become a little apprehensive. Stated differently, I appreciate the safety factor here. Beyond these, my better half has a good job that she really likes. Thus, providing her with moral support seems to be only natural.

I miss the Rockies, the crisp air and the perfect blue sky, I miss the perfect calm of a ferry ride between Vancouver and Victoria on a beautiful summer afternoon or on one of the smaller ferries between the islands. I miss baseball steaks at The Keg. I super miss hockey — torrents just don’t cut it.

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