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Father’s children too.

As for as I am concerned and in my experience Some Japanese can not, will not and never tolerate Gaijins having kids with Japanese and will do everything possible to clean and to demonize them.

My ex/wife and I started to row in our first years of marriage ( mar rage) over the doctor prescribing drugs that made the kids more ill and our daughter became ill and lost her sense of hearing our son was in ICU after hours of being born because the doctor could not perform a natural birth he was the same doctor who told my wife she should abort two healthy twins because she is not allowed to have more than two children.other times we rowed about my time working and my time to rest and play with children she became distraught when i told her I can not work 7 days and 12 hours a day a then the inlaws were taking over and I felt I was being pushed into a slave working role.I had no Gaijin friends she did not approve.

And then the friends pressure and then the Yamabushi (a guy who I thought was the NTT town pages rep who dealt with our eikaiwa ad) started doing arau

shinto-budist shamanistic cleaning every month the parents paid 2man my ex told me I was possessed by the devil and the Yamabushi started to hit us with a stick to beat the devil out of me, then she joined an healing circle and a guy who claimed to have hand power was massaging the children sexually and then she made a plan to hide our money and gave her friend Kenneth John Adams100,000 USD who pretended to invest but gave it to his psychopathic wife.

Then to top it all we were scammed by the Yaquza and lost our newly built house and 40.000.000 yen.

I was forced to divorce because the police refused to investigate so I tried to do myself and my wife started to punish me again my demand to see the children I was arrested and fined and black listed and can not get a job.

This is country where they call us Gaijin devils but they are possessed they have no morals they do anything for money.

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