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The spiritual traditions of Thailand have helped set off the Asian spa quake, with Thai spa at the epicentre, Their incredible appeal is linked to the country’s unique healing traditions, in which mental and spiritual well-being is derived from Buddhist practices that have became part of Thai life for centuries.

In Thailand, the unique treatments offered in spas today are derived from ancient Thai rituals of natural healing, such as the traditional healing massage, herbal baths and compresses. These soothing methods were developed from ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine that migrated from India with Buddhist missionary monks in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Monks were the healers during those times. And even now, modern herbal body treatments are formulated from centuries-old native health and beauty customs.

Thai spa treatments are performed with the innate gentleness and warmth that the Thai people are so renowned for, It is the extra dimension of caring in the Thai spa experience which makes you feel so delightfully pampered.

Thai spa locations have an enormous impact on visitors. Many Thai spas are set on exotic beach and mountain environments with gorgeous natural surroundings, making the whole spa experience so special. They are increasingly creative and sophisticated in their interior design too.

Some spas feature impressive design concepts that you won’t find in other countries. Thailand is indeed home to a wide range of spa styles and services, ranging from the ultra-luxurious to the rustic basic.