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Quietude, peace and a slower pace can sometimes mean a world away, but today in the heart of Bangkok, one oasis of calm offers a rejuvenating retreat.

i.sawan Residential Spa & Club is tucked away in the garden of the famed Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. This “fifth level of heaven” -so named because of its terrance location on the fifth floor of the hotel-is spread over 7,000sqm (75,347sq ft) and possesses all the luxuries and comforts needed to relieve guests of stress and strain.

A virtual garden in the sky, i.sawan was created as a special indulgence for those seeking a higher sense of well-being. This ultimate spa hideaway fuses the power if science and nature to develop timeless and healing treatments to restore your inner calm and balance.

i.sawan’s experienced staff have dedicated themselves to providing only the best therapeutic experiences, from massages and reflexology to skincare treatments, and health and beauty services.

Stay in one of the six Residential Spa Cottages lined up along a gently winding path. Each has been thoughtfully designed as a home away from home, where the sounds of the city give away the melodies of nature-birds, breeze and gentle water.

Representing a brand new concept of hospitality in Bangkok, these cottages, each consisting of a bedroom, living room, bathroom, outdoor patio and private treatment room, allow guests to indulge in the harmony of i.sawan while enjoying exquisite spa treatments in the privacy of their own accommodation. Nine other Bungalows, all appointed in contemporary style with subtle Thai accents, offers equally sumptuous comforts amidst a landscape inspired by the beauty of Provence.

Enjoy quiet walks along pathways edged with hedgerows,pea gravel and frangipani trees, or spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool. If the yen for activity strikes, head to the Greenhouse where a glass-fronted state-of-the-art gym raises your heart rate, while sunlight streams through like beams of good energy. A tennis court and two squash courts will satisfy the competitive-spirited, but if calm is more your cup of tea, there are also yoga and holistic fitness classes. Then retire fo the Juice Bar for a sweet, health reward. Indeed urban renewal is rarely this good.

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