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Lampang is a small town in the northern central part of Thailand that is 100 km from the major city of Chiang Mai. It is also near another city close to the Burmese border named Chiang Rai. Lampang is popular with both Thai people and foreigners who love to live in a peaceful environment. Cities in Thailand are noisy and while many enjoy their bustle, there are just as many who like to get away and still hear the crickets at night. This tranquility is the main attraction Lampang has to offer. In fact, some Thais regard Lampang as Thailand’s last true paradise. Although Lampang does not have condominium developments sprouting up all over the area, there are many opportunities to buy land and there are several nice townhouses, villas, and single homes available.

Lampang has a special appeal because of its mixture of cultural traditions settled in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges. The weather here is warm during the daytime, cool at night, and for the most part drier than neighboring regions. The environment of this small town is filled with art from the Lanna and Burmese people and you can see many temples and Buddha monuments all displaying this rich tradition. Wood carving is one of the prevalent industries in Lampang and you can buy many unique pieces carved by hand. This area is also one that preserves the tradition of the horse drawn carriage.

Those who invest in Lampang property are looking to get a piece of the simple life. Investors have built restaurants and cabin resorts with a traditional northern Thailand theme to attract visitors interested in this regional style and culture. People who move to Lampang are looking for places to live, work, or retire so townhouses and detached homes are what they are usually looking to buy.

The types of properties for sale appeal to those wanting to do the long stay. There are not too many condominium units for sale but you can find some good prices for townhouses. There are several opportunities to buy shop houses as well. Shop houses are perfect for those who want to live as well as do business in the same location. The prices are also reasonable. For example, a unit with 3 shop houses (that could be converted into 3 separate units) sells for around 670,000 Thai Baht. Examples of other prices include a 2-bedroom town house selling at around 550,000 Thai Baht. If you are an investor looking to buy land here, there are several opportunities. Some examples include an 8,400 square meter plot near a main road for 3.9 million Thai Baht. Or, 1,780 square meters near a busy road in Lampang for 1.1 million Thai Baht.

Lampang has infrastructure that allows you to live comfortably. It is easy to leave and return as it is connected by rail and multi-lane highways to both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This transportation structure makes it easy for you do go into the major cities should you need to. Lampang, like most towns in Thailand, has Big C and Tesco Lotus shopping centers along with all of the usual western-style fast food restaurants. There are also traditional restaurants where you can enjoy both western and Thai food. One popular place is the Riverside Restaurant where you can enjoy both types of food as well as have a drink and listen to little music. As far as nightlife entertainment, you’ll have to go to Chiang Mai or Bangkok for that. If you want to live in this serene paradise and calm your nerves with quietness that is oftentimes impossible to find in the city, call a property agent that lists Lampang properties today.

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