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In the days of the Silk Route, caravans were the primary source of travel for merchants plying the towns and deserts between Europe and China, Along the way, caravansaries served as their shelters and welcoming rest stops, open to travel-weary traders from all corners of the globe.

Inspired by the romance and harmony of this bygone era, Face Bar in Bangkok was built. Set in a pair of traditional frame houses tucked away in a serene garden off Bangkok’s bustling Sukhumvit Road, Face is really a complex that comprises two restaurants a bar, a spa, as well as a European pastry shop.

Diversity is indeed the order of this complex. Face is a like a contemporary caravansary, lovingly appointed with a sensual, lively ambience that encourages its worldly partons to meet, eat, drink and talk.

Upon arrival guests are invited to enjoy a drink at Face Bar, where if it suits your fancy, you may sir your tipple Thai-style sitting cross-legged on the floor. Or perhaps you would like to sink into a supple leather armchair, or drape yourself on one of the ornate Chinese opium beds, slipping into a reverie of the days of wondering caravans.

For the famished soul, the complex presents two magnificent restaurants, Hazara, named after a tribe and region in Afghanistan, offers a blend of healthy country cooking and rich courtly cuisine. Its sensual atmosphere is enlivened by Balinese sculptures, presided over by a 3m (10ft) sculpture of Garauda, the beloved Hindu bird-god. At Lan Na Thai, the food mirrors the surrounding city, with dishes like duck with kaffir lime leaves, coconut shrimp and the ever-popular Paad Thai, superbly made.

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to the complex’s patisserie a cafe, visage, is essential, Watch in awe as pastry chef Eric Perez, whose stellar resume includes stints with the French embassy and the Ritz in Washington DC, creates fresh chocolates and decadent pastries daily. How could you possibly resist these luscious treats?

Meanwhile, the new Face Spa offers invigorating massages to pamper the weary traveller’s mind, body and spirit. Richly set with antiques and objects fit for a museum, the spa is the perfect spot to bliss out in the heart of Thailand’s bustling capital before getting ready for a night on the town.

Of course, with two fabulous restaurants and an elegant bar, a night on the town means you really don’t need to go very far.