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Beginners and professionals will have a good time during a dive in Thailand. Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngang and Pattaya are the few best diving paradise in Thailand. These dive sites offer very nice, but places a bit more distant region of Trang, the Similan Islands and Surin Islands offer extraordinary diving, with visibility excenllente. It is easy to rent gear and dive boats are at your disposal to go on the diving spots.

For experienced divers, it is best to take a boat to the Similan Islands and Surin Islands. The diving in these places are absolutely fantastic, with many types of fish and many types of dives. It contains tombs and caves, you can also go diving drifting. Note that marine parks are better controlled and regulated spar government.

Make sure you go in seasons of diving because there are times diving is impossible in some places in Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand is hit by monsoon between November and April , then it is better to go diving in the Andaman Sea during these months. The water temperature is 20 ° C in the north to 29 degrees south.

Diving spots in Thailand

Sail Rock

Located between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, this spectacular rock formation of the open sea offers dives to 40 meters. The walls of the tombs are covered with sponges, oysters and shellfish, and if you look in the blue you can see the brush benches batfish, barracuda and kingfish

National Marine Park of Ang Thong

Made famous by the non-equally famous film “The Beach”, this wonderful group of islands boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in Thailand. The sites are renowned for their great varieties of soft corals and their cellars where you can enter. You’ll be amazed by the richness and diversity of the seabed, these sites are also ideal for exploration from the surface with just fins, mask and snorkel.

Koh Wao

This shallow bay (between 8 and 14 meters) is perfect for divers with little experience and for baptisms. This site represents a fantastic selection of hard and soft corals, with fabulous Acropora table corals and very impressive. You can also admire the range of coral fish in their habitat. Angels, butterflies, groupers, etc … This site is also perfect for fans of palm, mask and snorkel.

Hin Yippon

Located at the north end of Marine Park, this site deserves a visit. It consists of a rock formation of respectable size that you can go around during the dive. Numerous landslides have become hangouts for huge groupers and porgies not less impressive. You can also admire the basins spongy coral trees that will provide unforgettable photos. The maximum depth is 25 meters with an average depth of 18 meters which makes this place accessible to all, experienced or not.

Koh Tao

This small island has at least 20 excellent sites. Some dive as Chumphon Pinnacles & South West can be considered: 5 stars. In addition, some sites such as Shark Island, White Rock and Rock Green “runs the gamut of coral, fish and turtles. For beginners and experienced divers Koh Tao is an excellent choice.

Koh Nang Yuan

Located a stone’s throw from Koh Tao, this small island is made up of three islets linked by a bank of white sand. Here you will find three bays with a reef that slopes gently up to 14 meters making it the ideal place to start diving. You can enjoy a wide variety of corals and fish that have elected domicile parrots, butterflies, Fusillier, clowns, barracuda and Meroux.

Shark Island

Located south of Koh Tao this twin rock consists of a reef that slopes gently from 4 meters to 20 meters. The main attraction of this site is its great variety of corals and fish. On the eastern side of the rock, the reef is covered with corals that you will inevitably think of brains., Pink anemones and sponges amphora. Among this vegetation you will encounter snapper, angel fish and blue spotted rays. When the season is propitious, whale sharks can be seen as well as turtles and black tip sharks. We can consider this place accessible to all levels.

Green Rock

Located north of Koh Nang Yuan, this site is famous for the numerous arches and caves in which we can pass. Adrenaline guaranteed. Since the buoy, if you head north into the area from 18 meters you will find the nesting area titan triggerfish. A good season, they can be up to thirty together. They are beautiful creatures, but they can be extremely aggressive during nesting: divers attention.

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