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There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you travel Bangkok. Bangkok is a very fast city and there are many tuk-tuks and taxis around. There are also buses and motobikes. So, one of the most important things you need to know is to be careful when crossing the streets. Thai people on motobikes will not stop for you. They will keep going. The object of the game is eye contact. You have to keep eye contact with those oncoming motobike drivers. If you do not then you might just get slammed into. It’s happened to me once or twice so make sure when you cross that you always keep looking in the direction that the traffic is coming towards. Slowly inch your way across the street. Do not hesitate or waver. Keep and stand your ground and they will go around you.

Before getting into a tuk-tuk make sure you finalize the price. This will alleviate unwanted issues at the end of the ride. Most tuk-tuk drivers will tell you a price but that is always never the final price. If you are going to MBK which is a huge mall near Sukhumvit Road, and you know the ride is about 10 minutes then you should pay about 100 to 150 baht and no more. A taxi might charge a bit more depending on traffic. If the tuk-tuk drivers says 400 or 300 baht, don’t do it. Not worth it. Turn around and walk away. If he wants the fare then he will tell you ok. Make sure he agrees with the fare. If he does then 9 times out of 10 you won’t have a problem. That’s unless he tries to tell you that he can take you there for an outrageously low price. A price that sounds too good to be true. There is a reason for that. Don’t fall for it. They get you in the ride for 50 baht to go just about anywhere and then they take you to “Their” shopping areas. Some will tell you that they get free gas if they take you to a shopping place. Don’t fall for it. They get paid to bring you to a shopping place and it’s just a scam. Don’t go anywhere you don’t want to go. Be firm and don’t waver. If all else fails and you are in a situation, kindly walk away. You can always take the skytrain or BTS. Cheaper and has air conditioner.

Make sure if you are a guy that you keep your wallet in your front pocket. There are pickpockets in Thailand. Now, over the last few years that I have been living here, not one time has that happened. I’m always conscience about it at all times and do keep my wallet in my front pocket. Be aware of your surroundings. Thailand is a safe place but like most countries, it does have its crime. Just be smart.

If you have a strong stomach then go ahead with the street food. Recently I did a weekend test and ate nothing but street food. I didn’t have a problem. I had Tom Yum, Pad Thai and numerous types of curries. Not a problem. If it looks scary then don’t eat it. The grilled chicken you see is decent so just look at it. You can tell a lot by looking at your food. Do not smell it. Thai food has some interesting smells and a lot of dishes use fish sauce and oyster sauce. If you have ever smelled these items then you know what I mean. Alone these things are NASTY! But with the other ingredients they are fine.

Be smart and travel smart. Don’t get taken for a ride. Got questions, then feel free to ask me. Need places to visit and see, then ask me. I’ve traveled all over Thailand and I know some of the best places to eat as well as the best places to stay on any budget.

In closing, one of my favorite places to eat is the Seafood Buffet at the Shangra La hotel that is in Bangkok on the Chayo Praya river. It’s a very nice 5 star hotel but anyone can eat at the buffet. There is a dress code so no shorts and tshirts. The price is about 1500 baht per person and it’s all you can eat. The food is amazing and the service is perfect. You will enjoy this place I can guarantee it.