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Before the current ubiquitous concrete houses and tall apartment buildings began appearing in Bangkok several decades ago, Thailand’s capital city was rich with traditional teak homes, complete with ornate Oriental rooftops in beautiful bright colours.

Such traditional Thai architecture is hard to find now in the city, much less a historical family home that has retained its original design from generations past. This is precisely what makes the Baan Thai Wellness Retreat so precious.

Built more than 60 years ago by M.R. Bongsebrahma, a grandson of Rama IV, this traditional Thai teak house has remained in the family since it was built. In 1965, the family decided to share its heritage with the public by turning Baan Thai into a restaurant, which served fine Thai cuisine while entertaining guest with authentic Thai dance performances.

Baan Thai drew celebrities from all over the world including Tiger Woods, Jackie Kennedy and Japanese royalty.

Today, Baan Thai has once again been restored through renovations in the original buildings, and the addition of several traditional teak wood houses from Ayutthaya. Instead of offering sumptuous, classic Thai food, however, Baan Thai now offers a taste of old-world Thailand by serving as a luxurious wellness retreat. Though retaining original structures, the homes have been fitted with modern luxuries like exquisitely designed bathrooms and air-conditioning. The decor is a mix of contemporary and traditional, with teakwood furnishings and fine Thai artefacts that once belonged to the family.

Now a collection of several houses, Baan Thai boasts private and shared swimming pools, and exclusive tropical gardens. Each house has its own unique character. Baan Dossiriwongse, for example, has a sweeping original roof structure, which affords wonderfully high ceilings.

Baan Sombhan features a multi-level interior with ensuite bathrooms fitted with an oversized bathtub and enclosed shower. Baan Wanwaew’s traditional Thai sala is the perfect place to curl up to a good book or enjoy a traditional Thai massage.

Indulge in luxurious spa treatments inspired by sister property Phu Chai Sai Resort and Spa. Or enjoy a cooking class. You will wish you could stay forever.

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