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If I have to name the two products from Thailand that has become worldwide phenomena: one of them will be Redbull (yes, the famous energy drink came from Thailand), the other will without a doubt be Muay Thai. A martial arts practice known for its brutal bone/joint snapping techniques made popular by movies such as ‘Ong Bak’ or ‘The protector’. You can find Muay Thai Dojos in most countries on the planet. However, more tourists, travelers and martial arts enthusiasts flock to Bangkok in the hopes to learn the movements at its origins. We have compiled the most useful guide to Bangkok Muay Thai camps within this article. Whether you are a novice trying to watch a fight or a wandering martial artist trying to hone your skills. We have got you covered. Let us show you where to go watch and train Muay Thai.

Where to Watch Muay Thai in Bangkok

It may be better to feel inspired before starting on your training. Here are some famous locations to observe the Muay Thai camps fights in real time.

The Lumpinee Stadium (สนามมวยลุมพินี)

Considered one of the most famous Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok. The place is absolutely busy and crowded most of the time, tickets to watch a fight may go anywhere from a few hundred Bahts to 1500-2000 bahts, depending on your seats. For more information about the place, do checkout

Location: The Lumpinee Stadium 6 Ramintra Rd, Anusawaree, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10110.

Rajadamnern Stadium (สนามมวยราชดำเนิน)

The second most famous Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok, Rajadamnern is another go-to place to watch the sports live in action. Created in 1945 and considered to be the best and oldest Muay Thai stadium out there. The show airs every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday.

Location: Rajadamnern Stadium 1 Ratchadamnoen Nok Rd, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok, 10200.

Now that you are satisfied watching the fights, it is time to go train yourself.

Where to Train Muay Thai in Bangkok

Alright young grass-hopper, a road to becoming a Muay Thai Champion might be a tough one, so for your sake we have assembled number of Top Muay Thai camps right here in one article.

Top Rated Gym (Yong Yut Gym) (ยงยุทธ ยิม)

Originally called Kiatyongyut Gym, Top Rated Gym has produced many great fighters, who has gone to become great Muay Thai Champions and professional fighters in their own rights. The setup of the gym is quite clean and luxurious, deserving of its very name. This nicely renovated gym are among the top choices of Muay Thai Camps for you to consider. The cost of training is 1000 baht per day, starting from 7AM and ending at 5PM.

Location: Top Rated Gym 168/58 Soi Chiyaphruek 3 Bangkhunnon-Talingchan Road Bangkok

F.A Group Muay Thai Fights (เอฟ เอ กรุ๊ป มวยไทย ไฟต์ส)

Quite the opposite of Top Rated, F.A. Gym is as tough, dirty and nitty gritty as a gym could get. The place however is famous for having trained the famous Muay Thai fighter ‘Phetboonchu’ and many other famous fighters. The place is also very welcoming to women and brand new beginners to the sport. The training schedule goes from 6 in the morning till 6 PM. PS. The gym is famous for clinching.

Location:  F.A. Gym 270 Soi Vipawadee Rangsit 5 Vipawadee Road Bangkok 10900

Meenayothin (มีนะโยธิน)

Another one of the most established Muay Thai Camps in Bangkok. The gym offers great atmosphere and quality for training with a lot of foreigners (there is even a western boxing coach). Although it is quite dirty (same way most Muay Thai gyms are), the equipments, accessibility and the love from the foreigner Muay Thai community makes this one of the great Muay Thai Camps in Bangkok

Location: Meenayothin Paholyothin soi 45 Chatujak, Bangkok 10900

It might be a lot of work trying to book all these places to train Muay Thai and figuring out where to go. You might find this next part of the article to be a little more convenient.

Find a Complete Muay Thai Trip

Aside from the aforementioned locations we have listed, if you are not interested in planning a day trip in Bangkok yourself: Takemetour has multiple listings, giving you choices of daytours in the city, all done by the locals. All you have to do is pay a fee and be at the pickup locations, and they will take you around. We have listed a few options here you might like for Muay Thai Camps;

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