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Thailand’s LGBT scene is one of the most open throughout all of Asia, if not, the most accepting in the continent. This type of openness is on par with Thai culture’s friendliness to foreigners in the kingdom as well. An offspring of the thriving gay community in Bangkok comes with an array of gay bars, clubs and other various forms of nightlife. Some of the best music, dancing and non-snooty nightlife can be found at some of these places. And not to worry, the gay-friendly nightlife is not exclusive for only gays. You can find females and heterosexual guys enjoying the gay bars in Bangkok, clubs as well. A true rainbow color of everybody together.

Best gay bars in Bangkok

Tapas Room Club (ทาปาส รูม คลับ)

Tapas, a Spanish themed bar, is the most straight-mixed option out of all the gay bars in Bangkok on this list. They play electronic music with a Latin influence. On the weekends they have live drummers and percussionists playing to the music, matching their cool Northern African Mediterranean stone interior style. Check out their Facebook as they often host themed music nights. Mostly international crowd here with locals as well.

Location: Tapas Room Club 114/17-18, Soi Silom 4, Silom Road, Su Riyawong, Khet Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, 10500

Strangers Bar (สเตรนจ์เจอร์ส บาร์)

One of most exciting, music blasting bars on the street of Silom Soi 4 is Strangers Bar. And by the end of the night you will be no stranger here ;). This gay bar in Bangkok is a small simple black interior bar with friendly guests, a stage on the second floor and decent basic cocktails for cheap prices. Do not miss out on the fun drag shows on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come here first as a stranger, and grab a seat, watch the show, knock down a few gin and tonics and make some new friends at strangers bar.

Location: Strangers Bar Silom Rd – Soi Silom 4, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Fork and Cork by Sphinx (ฟอร์ค แอนด์ คอร์ค บาย สฟิงค์)

At the very end of Silom Soi 4 beholds the sleekest urban bistro and cocktails gay bar and restaurant on the gay bar packed street. The food is surprisingly delicious considering its location in a dive bar surrounded street alley. A must try are any of the international beef dishes as they are tender, high quality and mouthwatering. Cocktails and alcohol are in the higher quality compared to the places next door. Come here for a nice meal and cocktails before hitting the rest of Silom’s gay bars and clubs.

Location: Fork and Cork by Sphinx 100 Silom Soi 4, Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500

Telephone Pub and Restaurant (เทเลโฟน ผับ แอนด์ เรสเตอรองค์)

This is probably one of the oldest, if not oldest gay bar still in operation in Silom, Bangkok. Back in the day, there used to be telephones on each table to call one another. Now they upgraded with the times to free WiFi. The place is an open friendly community for newcomers and longtime patrons of the bar and restaurant. The third floor has private and open karaoke rooms available with big screens and a large selection of music.

Location: Telephone Pub and Restaurant 114/11 Silom Soi 4, Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500

Maggie Choo’s (แม๊กกี้ ชูส์)

The most elegant and high-end option of all the gay bars in Bangkok, Maggie Choo’s, lies tucked secretly like a speakeasy bar under the Novotel Silom Hotel. Every Sunday night is their gay night hosted by G-Spot Entertainment. The atmosphere of the den is straight out of speakeasy Shanghai 1920s with Dutch East India like opium dens for table reservations, large cages, a piano stage and red velvet curtains. It is classy, traditional and yet modern. Sunday nights turn this place into a wild show on stage, hosted by Bangkok’s most popular drag queen, Pagina Heels. Jazz sets, dancing, off-color jokes and girls (and guys too) lining up to take shots out of male dancers’ six pack abs. Spice up your Sunday nights here.

Location: Maggie Choo’s Novotel Bangkok 320 Silom Soi 4, Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500

Best gay clubs in Bangkok

DJ Station (ดีเจ สเตชั่น)

The most famous gay club and arguably the favorite in Bangkok located on Silom Soi 2. Definitely the trendiest gay club catering to an international crowd mixed with well-known locals. This large club has three floors and multiple areas. The first floor is where the main fare of sweaty dancing takes place with the DJ pumping out the best mixes for dance music. The second floor has an additional small bar with more dancing and the third floor has some couches to take a break from all the dancing. Dare to take off your shirt and dance with the other guys on stage? Cover Charge is 300 Baht including 2 drink tickets.

Location: DJ Station 212/2 Silom, Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

G.O.D. (Guys on Display) (จี. โอ. ดี. (กายส์ ออน ดิสเพลย์))

GOD is the raunchiest of the gay bars and clubs in Bangkok. This is the after-hours club to beat, mostly filling in with guys from DJ Station or Silom Soi 4 after 2AM. The DJ is playing hard dance or trance music to guys (mostly shirtless) dancing on the first and second floors. Not much going on the third floor unless you want a view of the raunchiness below. There are typically sexy half naked guy dancers on stage and a drag show at midnight. If you are not keen to hardcore gay clubbing then you would go elsewhere. Cover Charge is 300 Baht including 2 drink tickets.

Location: G.O.D. (Guys on Display) 59 Silom 2/1, Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

App Pub / App Arena Club (แอพ ผับ / แอพ อารีน่า คลับ)

There’s an update from the owner that App Pub will be closed until further notice.

App, for short, is the most well-known gay bar and club outside of Silom for local Thais. It would be difficult to find foreigners here. The club is a big old but packed on most nights with a live band playing Thai hits and dance music from the speakers. The style of clubbing here is very local Thai where small standing tables dot the entire floor. Typically locals will be ordering a bottle of Johnny Walker with soda or coke and ice. If you are looking to experience a local gay club, then App is a must.

Fake Club (เฟค คลับ)

The newest edition to gay clubs in Bangkok is Fake Club. Previously located near Chatuchak, they recently moved to a much larger location along Ratchada. Similar to App, this spot is filled with local Thais and some other Asian nationalities. A live band until 1AM plays then switches to dance music. There is also a shirtless sexy guy show.

Location: Fake Club 222/32 Ratchadaphisek Road, Samsennok, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310.

Trasher Parties (แทรชเชอร์ ปาร์ตี้ส์)

Trasher is a gay-friendly party for night clubbers and party enthusiasts that changes venues for every event announced via their Facebook or Twitter. The venues are not held in already established gay bars or clubs in Bangkok. Instead hosted at other interesting locations. They usually have themed parties from 80s style to Diva girl. The locations can change from a bar, warehouse or even a yacht. DJs are prepared for the theme appropriate music. Internationals and Locals alike, females, gays, lesbians, straight guys and everyone in between are all included at these parties.

There you have it, the best gay bars in Bangkok! On the other side of the sexual oriented rainbow, you have these places to check out hot fellas or just dance away the night with openly friendly people. Don’t be afraid. The guys don’t bite (unless you are looking for that).

For those that have never experienced a gay party, I would suggest checking out Maggie Choo’s gay night, Thrasher Party or Tapas Room Club. Their parties are more straight male and female mixed. For those looking to get right to the gay dancing check out any of the other clubs mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? It’s 2016. Go with an open mind and dance!