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Just one small room in an apartment cost nearly 5000 RMB per month!! isn’t that too much for normal Chinese? I mean we are not like government officials who may has more than 20 apartments, we are just ordinary workers, and the price of rent should be reasonable, if a non-shanghainese rent a room, it may cost half of his salary, and it isn’t fair because he works really hard.

There are a lot of inequality in this society, some people who has power has several apartment, and some people has no apartment. And those people who has many apartments never want the price of apartment fall.

There are still millions of Chinese who earn way below 2000 per month, such as those mine workers, and their life is pathetic, they don’t know when there will be an accident in the mine which will endanger their life. And They are hard workers, their mind maybe simple, to earn money , to find a wife and to have a children. But What they get? Just dangerous working conditions and looked down as the lowest level of the society. I really hope situation will be changed for them.

I read that in some foreign countries, people who clean the street earn almost the same as those white collars, that is real equality.

For those people who earn not much in shanghai, our government should provide cheaper rent apartment.