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Thanks. Let’s suppose a scenario like this which might not be true: I came to China on May 15, 2018 and go back to the US on June 15, 2020. Thus I stay in China for more than 330 days even though it is not in the same year. My S-corp has a contract with a company in New York on Nov. 1, 2009, and the New York company will send checks to my S-corp address.

Since I am in China, I have to perform and finish the task in China. If my S-corp issues me W-2 while I am in China performing those tasks, I would suppose the amount on the W-2 qualifies for the Section 911 FEIE. Am I right? or maybe not since I can not use the 330/365 for any calendar year?

By the way, do you do tax returns for people outside the US? What about joint personal and corp. tax? I might need someone to help me with my 2020 tax return. Thanks.